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This information promotes compliance with copyright laws and best practices.  It is not intended as legal advice.

What is copyright?

By definition... the right to copy.

The intent of copyright laws is to protect content owners from unauthorized copying and reproduction.

The balance between the rights of content owners and the users of copyrighted materials is a matter of statutory exemptions, judicial decisions and  legal agreements.

Who has the right to copy?
Creators have the sole right to reproduce, publish or perform their original works.  The law establishes their moral and economic rights to protect their intellectual property.

Users rights to reproduce and use a copyright owner's content is allowed under specific circumstances.

When does copyright protection stop?

In Qatar, a work is protected for the life of the creator plus fifty years - although there are some exceptions. 

A work enters public domain when the period of copyright protection has ended. You can use a work in the public domain without permission and at no cost.