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Faculty Resources

Choosing a Library Database for Your Research

Our databases are changing and being updated every minute of the day. Sometimes publishing rights for certain high profile journals will move from one database to another. We frequently re-evaluate our selection of databases to ensure that they provide the most relevant resources for UDST students and staff.

The Library website lists databases by subject area, by School, and alphabetically.  Start with a subject in your area of study and use those databases first.

Searching ProQuest Databases

Many of UDST's research databases are from ProQuest.

ProQuest offers extensive training help on YouTube.  

"Do you have (XYZ) Journal?"

Maybe!  We have thousands of journals - search all our online journals here.

We also subscribe to a small collection of print journals (some of which are unavailable electronically).

If you want a specific journal we don't have, ask us - we may be able to subscribe to it or get specific articles for you through interlibrary loan.

Want Another Database?

Tell us!

We always appreciate suggestions from our users - we want to ensure we have the best possible selection of resources to support student success.