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Learning Commons

Welcome to the Digital Media Centre (DMC)

Visit us and get creative!

We have 7 workstations filled with audio, video and graphics editing software including Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Camtasia, Audacity and much more available for you to collaborate, learn new skills and experiment using a range of multi-media tools.  A Green Screen for creating a unique background for your presentation or video assignment is always set up and ready for you.

New: Sound Recording Workstation: located in room 03.1.72 next to the Digital Media Centre, this workstation provides you an uninterrupted space to record, edit, or produce audio files.

Book A DMC Workstation

You may book a single computer workstation in the Digital Media Centre.


Book Our Green Screen

When you book the Green Screen, you will be booking the whole space.

This space is intended to be used only for projects involving the Green Screen. If you do not need to use the Green Screen, we kindly ask that you book another study room in either the Library (Building 14) or the Learning Commons (Building 3). 

Library Services reserves the right to refuse a booking request.

If it is discovered that the space is being used inappropriately, the student(s) will be asked to leave and may be banned from using this and other spaces within the Library and Learning Commons. 

Booking Request

In order to request booking the Green Screen, please email with the below information:

Your Name:

Your University ID #:

Course Name and #: 

Type of project:

Will you be using your own equipment: YES / NO

How many people will be in your group (Max. 8):

University ID #'s of the others in your group: 

If your request has been approved, Library Services will send you a confirmation email within 24 business hours.

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