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Manara (to be transitioned to Scholarly Comms Guide)


This page was created for easy viewing and approving the content prior to it being added to our public Scholarly Communication and Research guide.

Contents on this page will be transitioned to The Scholarly Communication and Research guide and added as a separate tab on the guide: "Institutional Repository - Manara". 


The page on the guide will be given the following friendly url:

Discover UDST’s open research, all in one place 

About Manara

Manara, hosted by the Qatar National Library, is UDST’s open-access repository for research by UDST community members. UDST and Manara entered a formal partnership in the 23/24 academic year. UDST research work that is openly accessible, without any charges to the reader, is hosted on the Manara platform.

What kinds of work can one find on Manara?

Manara hosts open access journal articles (articles available without an access charge or other barriers), conference posters, conference proceedings, datasets, and a variety non-traditional academic output.  

I published an open access article. Does Manara create a duplicate DOI?

No. Manara hosts a copy of your open access article and uses the original DOI.  
I have a conference poster. Can Manara create a DOI for it and host it for me?

Yes. The Manara team will assign your work a DOI if it does not already have one and make your work accessible via Manara.  

How do I upload my work to Manara?  

More Information

Manara FAQs | Qatar National Library  
Contact the Scholarly Communication and Research team   
Submit a request directly to the Manara Team on the QNL portal - for technical questions about the Manara portal and creating an account to self-archive your research